Our Leadership

Joe Hennis

Lead Pastor

Pastor Joe recently accepted as lead pastor of Crosswalk Community Church since local of Titusville, Fl. Growing up and living here for most of his life, he has deep roots and ties to the community. A big athlete at local high school, Joe participated in football and wrestling earning a scholarship to College.  

“Growing up I was exposed to a different upbringing and a variety of beliefs about God. In high school I was a big athlete in football and wrestling earning a scholarship to college. During high school, college and beyond I battled with addiction. I tried to fill by life up with everything else besides God ultimately leading me down the path of suicide.

God used this difficult season to draw me to Himself through a series of interactions with passionate followers of Christ. When I was 25, by grace, through faith, the Lord made me a new creation and set my life on a new course of enjoying and pursuing Him forever.

Since that time, the Lord allowed me to graduate from The Baptist College of Florida with a focus in Biblical Studies and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary MDiv. I was ordained by Westside Baptist Church in 2011 after feeling a call on my life to serve God in the way that He had gifted me. I have served as a Children/Youth pastor for ten plus years. At the end of 2019 through much prayer, counsel, I felt the call to become the lead pastor of Crosswalk Community Church.”


“Since January 5th, 2008, Jennifer has been my partner in my life and ministry. She is gifted in the area of teaching, being an ambassador for Mercy House, and enjoys serving the Lord in whatever she is called to do. In addition, she loves spending time with her daughter Kendall, getting together for coffee, reviewing unpublished theological books, and advocating for Melanoma Awareness. In addition to this, I have been blessed by God with my daughter Kendall.”

Hope for Crosswalk

“My hope for Crosswalk is that God would raise up men, women, and children who are passionately in love with Him and people. That these people would share their faith and lives with everyone they come in contact with.”


“I love watching the Gators play football and the Yankees play baseball. I enjoy lifting weights, reading, and serving tables at a local restaurant.”

Tyler Littlefield

Worship Leader

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Meet our Elders

Neil Moyer